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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I apply makeup after my facial?

 A: It is ideal to let the skin rest after receiving any facial treatment. If absolutely necessary, mineral makeup may be applied afterwards, at your own risk. Strenuous physical activity, hot baths or showers, saunas, heavy face makeup, picking and touching the skin after your facial is not advised


Q: What information should I have prior to my facial appointment?

A: Please have knowledge of your health history, including any medical conditions, allergies, and sensitivities you may have. All information given is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Know what you are using on your skin currently at home, even better if you can bring your staple products with you. 


Q: Will I be red or irritated post treatment?

A: Everyone is different and responds differently to any given service. Although I do my best to calm and soothe the skin, there may be some temporary redness, mild inflammation, or dryness depending on the treatment given.


Q: Do facials hurt?

A: Several of the products will have some activity involved, most commonly a prickling, tingling, or even a spicy kick to some of the products is normal. Extractions can be uncomfortable if the skin is not complying or if it is very dehydrated. Please speak up if you're experiencing any discomfort in any shape or form. Communication is key!


Q: Will all my skin problems be fixed after my facial?

A: If there are issues you are trying to reverse, please understand that most issues will require multiple visits and proper home care. You will likely be presented with products that can help you achieve your goals at the end of your treatment. A large portion of reaching your goals is doing the right thing for your skin on a daily basis at home!